Indy CRM

The Independence Fund is dedicated to empowering nation's severely wounded veterans and their caregivers to take control of their lives. The fund provides the resources and tools that enable veterans to work through their physical, mental and emotional wounds and regain their independence. Its work is built on two pillars:


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Experience Delivered

2XU stands for "Two Times You," which symbolizes the multiplication of human performance.

It was founded in 2005 by Clyde Davenport, Jamie Hunt, and Aidan Clarke. 2XU Pty. Ltd. is an Australian multi-national corporation engaged in the design, development, and sale of sportswear.

The Challenge

Wounded veterans who use The Independence Fund's all-terrain mobility devices regain their independence and experience activities they were previously unable to enjoy. Caregiver: The Independence Fund serves the heroes behind the heroes: the caregivers who work tirelessly to support wounded veterans day-in and day-out. Through a variety of programs and resources, The Independence Fund give spouses, children, friends and other caregivers the means to build strong networks and receive the emotional and physical support they need.


IndyCRM ( ) is a portal where Veterans or their Caregivers can apply for assistance. Application goes through various stages of approval depending on the their eligibility and information/documents provided by Veterans. Portal consists of:

  • Applications Management
  • Veterans/Caregivers Management
  • Secured Documents Management
  • Users Management
  • Various types of Reports
  • Products Management
  • Live Chat between Veterans/Caregivers and Admins
  • Email Communication