Symbus is a system to acquiring, managing, and protecting intellectual property, whether it be trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, or trade secrets. It brought together business-oriented attorneys working for a common goal to improve bottom line by optimizing online application services and electronic practices, without sacrificing accessibility and attention to detail.


Premium eCommerce
Experience Delivered

In this system you choose the attorneys who work with you. The "Responsible Attorney" focuses on your exact requirements and knows your preferences and protocol. The backend is a system which is managing the professionals that stands ready to provide additional insight and assistance as required for the services provided by Symbus Law Group.

The Challenge

Defining the Requirements
Since Front Rush was the first to come up with a concept for athlete recruiting software, it was difficult to determine accurate project requirements and potential features that would delight the athletic coaches - their target audience.

Transition to Mobile Devices
Once the entire web platform was developed, the Front Rush team decided to go mobile. The smartphone market was still in its infancy at the time, so they were reluctant to initiate development of a full-scale mobile app.


Front Rush was established by former college athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs and all-around geeks, to develop user-friendly software.

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